MAYBE . . . you’ve heard his voice on a jingle for McDonald’s or Chevrolet
MAYBE . . . you’ve heard one of his many original, theme songs such as: The International Firefighters; International Shriners; Police Association; National Finals Rodeo; City of Las Vegas; or Make A Wish Foundation
MAYBE . . . you’ve heard his original music scores and songs in movies or on TV
MAYBE . . . your children or grandchildren have been one of the millions of students, throughout the United States and Canada, who have celebrated in his “Concerts in the Schools” encouraging them to stay away from drugs and alcohol
MAYBE . . . you’ve been in the audience when this celebrated motivational speaker has inspired audiences of all ages

WHETHER it be performing in concert with Lee Greenwood (God Bless The USA); Singing in concert for 52,000 people at our Nation’s Capital Building; Saving lives with his award winning “Stop, Drop & Roll – Learn Not To Burn” song and ad campaign; Receiving the "Leadership Award" from William S. Sessions, Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) in Washington D.C., that reads:

“In Recognition of Your Outstanding
Contributions in the Prevention of Drug Abuse;
Through your unselfish Dedication and Leadership;
Our Country moves Closer to a Drug-Free America.”

George Dare is making a positive difference throughout our World.

Some Non-Profit Organizations that George has created theme songs for include:

- Muscular Dystrophy Telethon
- Opportunity Village, Great Santa Run, Adult Organization for the Mentally Challenged
- Make A Wish Foundation
- Ride For Kids, Children's Brain Tumor
-Sign Design Theater, Hearing Impaired Dance Troupe
-Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation
And Autism Song





You may choose the song that plays. "Film Score's" are labeled!!!





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Vegas Strong
Shine Las Vegas
Tailgate Party







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